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   Academic Background : - Ph.D. in Architecture - Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch - - IRAN - سال 2013.09.18
- M.A. in Architecture - Qazvin Islamic Azad University - - IRAN - سال 2006

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Conference Papers Journal Papers Workshops, Seminars and Symposiums Scientific & Administrative Activities Thesis & Dissertation
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Investigating the Role of Architecture in the Process of Promoting Children's CreativityNational Conference on Architecture, Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Horizons of Islamic Art in the Second Step of Revolution StatementNationalMohadeseh Sarraf, Amir Hossein AminiTabriz26/11/2020
2 A Survey on the Relationship between the Dimensions of Place with the Sense of Attachment in Residential Spaces (Case Study: Pardisan and Lakanshahr Residential Complex in Rasht)International Coference on Civil Engineering, Architecture & Urban Management in IranInternationalReyhaneh ForghanTehran, Iran19/12/2018
3 Investigating the Concept of Vitality in Iranian Bazaars (Case Study: Qazvin Bazaar)1St International Conference on Architecture and Urbanism of the Islamic Word in the Age of GlobalizationInternationalMaryam KarimiTabriz, Iran15/11/2018
4 Investigating the influential Features on Socialization of Public Spaces in order to Enhancing the Social Interactions5th National Conference Iran’s Architecture and Urban Planning Through the Works and ThoughtsNationalMitra AmiriQazvin, Iran18/10/2018
5 Investigating the Role of the Green Spaces in Creating Vitality in Urban Environments (Case Study: Saad-al-Saltane Historical Complex of Qazvin)5th National Conference Iran’s Architecture and Urban Planning Through the Works and ThoughtsNationalMaryam KarimiQazvin, Iran18/10/2018
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