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CodeRowTitlePictureInsertion Date
68691 The Iranian robotic teams received a warm welcome 04/09/2017
64742 Soil Shear Strength Workshop Was Held at QIAU 25/12/2016
64643 Inauguration of 17th IAU's Research and Innovative Products Exhibition 21/12/2016
64624 Aviation Software System , a Revenue Management Style 21/12/2016
64635 3D Printer Was Designed by Researchers at QIAU' Center of Technology Incubator 21/12/2016
64616 The Mass Production of Quadro Electric Vehicle, a Solution for Cutting Environmental Pollution 21/12/2016
62157 Armenian ambassador to Iran paid a visit to Qazvin Islamic Azad University 20/08/2016
61738 Iran joins the executive committee of Asia-Pacific RoboCup competitions. 11/07/2016
61719 The Iranian Robotic Teams Snatched Many Titles in RoboCup 2016 Leipzig Competitions. 11/07/2016
604010 Symposium on Artificial intelligence at QIAU 07/05/2016
603811 The 11th International RoboCup IranOpen Event came to the End 07/05/2016
588412 Singaporean Delegation Visited QIAU 02/02/2016
582213 Cooperations between Slovakia and Iran 26/12/2015
573314 QIAU and university of Macquarie explored the opportunities for collaboration 26/11/2015
571415 We need to avoid selling the raw material and create wealth through production of technology 22/11/2015
571516 Dr. Mousakhani: Self-belief is the secret to the success 22/11/2015
549817 Photos- RoboCup 2015-China 28/07/2015
543318 North Carolina University Professor Paid a Visit to QIAU 10/06/2015
542919 Portuguese Ambassador Paid a Visit to Qazvin Islamic Azad University 10/06/2015
542820 QIAU's ROV Team Represents Iran in the World Competitions to be Held in Canada 10/06/2015
247621 World Champion in IranOpen 2011 07/06/2011
247522 Mexico' Team impressed by Iranian Teams 07/06/2011
247423 Turkish Team Leader: IranOpen RoboCup competitions, an invaluable opportunity for gaining more experience 07/06/2011
247324 Prof Visser: QIAU's MRL, the Main Rival 07/06/2011
247125 Prof. Cameron: Iran the government provides considerable supports for robotics field 07/06/2011
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