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CodeRowTitlePictureInsertion Date
62041 QIAU's MRL was the best Iranian team in the competitions. 10/08/2016
54972 Real Rescue Teams' Impressive Performance in RoboCup 2015-China, Gaining 1600 Points. 28/07/2015
54913 The Iranian scientific representatives returned to Iran, earning many awards in RoboCup 2015-China 27/07/2015
54514 Prof. Mousakhani Received the Letter of Commendation from Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani 01/07/2015
54505 High Ranking Delegation' Visit to Qazvin Islamic Azad University(QIAU)' Achievements 01/07/2015
54356 QIAU' student gained the third place in power lifting contest 14/06/2015
54497 QIAU' MRL was the best team in RoboCup IranOpen 2015 10/04/2015
54248 The Production of Superabsorbent NanoHydroGels with Anti-bacteria Property by QIAU's Professor 10/06/2014
54259 Extensive World Media's Coverage of Havin 2(solar car) Participation in U.S.A 01/06/2014
543110 The QIAU Snatched the First Place in Spaghetti Structure Competitions-Beauty category 10/06/2013
542311 The tallest and lightest Spaghetti Structure in the World 10/06/2013
543212 MRL Rescue Team from QIAU Stood the First Place in Amirkabir Robotic Competitions. 14/05/2013
543413 Sixth International Symposium and the fourth Conference on Artificial Intelligence were held in Qazvin Islamic Azad University 12/04/2013
543014 QIAU's MRL Was the Best Team in RoboCup IranOpen 2013 10/04/2013
214715 QIAU's achievements in Hungary Spaghetti Bridge Contest 29/01/2011
214616 paper of QIAU's student was accepted at Hong Kong Conference 29/01/2011
214317 Parax Electric car exhibition, a great success 29/01/2011
213518 MRl's Virtual Robot Stimulation Team stood the second place in Singapore Competitions 29/01/2011
214019 QIAU's Middle-Sized Soccer Robot Team stood the first place in Singapore Competitions 29/01/2011
211320 Awards and Cups gained in 2010 Singapore RoboCup Competitions were granted to Imam Reza's Museum 22/01/2011
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