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The tallest and lightest Spaghetti Structure in the World


The Tallest and Lightest Spaghetti Structure in the World

Vahid Koshan Fallah, the supervisor of the research team "Sazeh Parsian" said: The first spaghetti structure measuring 366 cm high and 50 cm wide was built in Qazvin Islamic Azad University. This structure is the tallest and lightest spaghetti structure in the Middle East.

The second structure measuring 815 cm and 109 cm wide and 9700 grams was unveiled in Qazvin Province's Science & Technology Park.

Koshan went on saying this project is intended to pave the way for the application of spaghetti structures in industries. A 30-member group including Mechanical Eng, Civil Eng. , Accounting, Chemistry and Urbanism researchers contributed to the design and construction of this structure.

He continued: The pylons used in power grid are similar to the spaghetti structures. Consequently, these structures can be designed and tested in such a way that will be used by the truss manufacturers in the steel structures.



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