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The Production of Superabsorbent NanoHydroGels with Anti-bacteria Property by QIAU's Professor

The Production of Superabsorbent NanoHydroGels with Anti-bacteria Properties by QIAU' Professor

Using Nano technology, a professor from QIAU has designed NanoHydroGels with anti-bacteria properties. Fershteh Ghanaat, the designer of this product said: If the size of silver particles is reduced to nanometer scale, its germicidal capacity increases by 99 percent. As a result, this product can serve as a suitable alternative for commonly used antibiotics which become resistant against the microbes. This product can be used for healing infections and lesions.

She went on saying: HydroGels have large free space between their network chains, acting as nanoreactor at the time of inflation. The following are the merits of nano-particles formations in the network:

Durability, the water-based extraction as needed and controlling the size and shape of particles by manipulating agent groups.

QIAU' professor said that these NanoHydroGels are used in various industries including medicine, pharmaceuticals, construction and agriculture.

Insertion Date: 2014/06/10
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