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Extensive World Media's Coverage of Havin 2(solar car) Participation in U.S.A

Extensive World Media's Coverage of Havin 2(Solar Car)'s Participation in U.S.A competitions.

Havin 2' s participation in the world solar car competitions which was held in U.S.A in June was extensively covered by world media.

Many Journalists from high-profile news agencies such as Associated Press attended the trial run of Havin 2 on Zanjan-Qazvin Highway.WashingtnPost,Mail Onile,Elan,Deutschvilla, Yahoo , and Associatetd Press covered the competitions in U.S.A .

Below you can find an extract of Washington Post Daily concerning the design of Havin 2.

Although the engine and solar panels have been imported from abroad, the designers have designed a maximal routing system which optimizes the solar cells through making a connection between invertors, Battery and other devices.

According to Ms.  Nazari who is a member of Research Center for Solar Research affiliated to  Qazvin Islamic Azad University and  is   in charge of electronics section  of this project " the team  plans to optimize the energy absorption given the route the vehicle will navigate.

Initially, we simulate the circuit to be navigated in the competition and assess the weather conditions. Then, the angles of solar rays for the competition days will be calculated.

Havin 2 weighs 220-kilogram (485 pound) with a length of  4.5 meters (15 feet), width measuring 1.8 meters (6 feet) and height of 1.1 meters (4 feet). It contains a  cockpit-like canopy for the driver. With photovoltaic cells covering some 6 square meters (65 square feet) of its surface. The Autmobile's lithium-Ion batteries can drive it up to four hours between 90 to 150 kph (56 to 93 mph).

The first version of this vehicle called Havin 1 participated in Australia Solar Competitions and secured 17th place.

Washington Post referred to the financial sponsors of this project, reporting that Sponsors include Saderat Bank of Iran, Presidency of Islamic Republic of Iran, Gita Battery Company and Gochermann Solar Technology.

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