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North Carolina University Professor Paid a Visit to QIAU

Prof. Mohammad Ali Kazemi, a faculty member and Deputy Dean of Mathematics College in University of North Carolina paid a visit to QIAU's Technology Incubators Center. Below, you can find our interview with him.

Please give us a brief biography of yourself.

I was born in Shahrekord in 1953 and began my studies at Michigan University in 1977.I received my Ph.D degree from Michigan University and began teaching in Northern Carolina University  in 1982.I serve now as the deputy dean of Math College.

How did you find Qazvin Islamic Azad University?

I thought there would be no such a state of the art university in Iran. Some reputable universities such as M.I.T and Stanford are located in the big metropolitans. I didn’t know that such a modern and magnificent university is located in a small city of Qazvin.  Sophisticated research is being carried out in QIAU which can compete with the best universities in the world. I found this university and Dr. Mousakhani who turned QIAU into a university of high standard within a short space of time  very impressive.

What was your idea about this university before your visit?

I thought that QIAU would have achieved few projects and papers. But now I found all labs and facilities very advanced. Overall I didn’t imagine such an advanced university in Iran.

How do you evaluate the scientific status of Iranian students?

Iranian students are capable researchers and are very successful in engineering fields. They are carrying out high-profile research projects in different reputable universities in the world. Some outstanding professors in fields of medicine, Aerospace, etc.  in U.S. universities are from Iran.

How do you evaluate the products designed by QIAU's students?

QIAU's students have had great achievements despite all restrictions they face. Although QIAU was established 23 years ago, today it is one of the most outstanding universities in Iran. While the establishment of universities such as MIT and Stanford dates back to more than 100 years ago and this long time has given these universities the opportunity for development and fame. QIAU has achieved a good status within this short space of time.  

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