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 Real Rescue Teams' Impressive Performance  in RoboCup  2015-China, Gaining 1600 Points.

Mahdi  Dadvar, leader of MRL rescue team said: Qazvin Islamic Azad University (QIAU) could achieve the first place though a Thai team that was the champion in previous competitions was our main competitor. He continued that the technical and quality level of robots was higher compared to that in previous years. The main factors contributing to our excellent performance included designing and manufacturing full-autonomous, semi-autonomous and flying robots and the combination of them.

Dadvar went on saying: The RoboCup Federation officials   were impressed by the Iranian teams' performance.

He said that QIAU's approach to the design of these robots has shifted with a focus on the industrial applications of them. To this end, we are using new robotic technologies for operations such as rescuing, tracking ,urban cleaning and services in  our country.

Dadvar thanked Dr. Mirzadeh,the president of IAU, Dr. Mousakhani the president of QIAU, Diji Kala Company, Tehran Wagon Building, Saipa, Irancell that sponsored MRL. He congratulated this achievement to all Iranian researchers, professors and students.

Insertion Date: 2015/07/28
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