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Dr. Mousakhani: Self-belief is the secret to the success

A gathering on robotics held in Allame Rafie auditorium in QIAU was attended by Dr. Mousakhani, the president of QIAU, the representatives from general governorship, MRL researchers and students.

This event was aimed at introducing MRL(Mechatronics Research Lab) and its achievements to the students admitted at QIAU this year.

Elaborating on the history of MRL as well as its achievements, Dr. Mousakhani said: MRL came into being from nothing and it has undergone many ups and downs.

The chairman of Iranian National  RoboCup Committee went on saying: We as humans should leave  behind beneficial  legacies for the future generations. Those firms seeking an ideal life  don’t set financial profit as their  final goal. But they try to capture the hearts and minds  through bringing about a better life for mankind.

Dr. Mousakhani  added: We should be obsessed with "Why" rather than" How" as those who are after "why" are purposeful.

Live teleconferencing with the former MRL researchers who are studying in European and U.S.A universities was another part of this event.

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