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The Singaporean ambassador to Iran, H.E Ong Keng Yong heading a delegation consisting of ICT engineers and experts  visited Qazvin Islamic Azad University.

Following a visit to research centers and the products designed by QIAU researchers, the delegation explored the ways to commercialize the products.

Ong Keng Yong alluded to post-sanctions era as a great opportunity for solidifying the cooperation between Iran and other countries, saying that Singaporean trade sector is interested in implementing entrepreneurial projects, attracting foreign  capital, and reinforcing tourism in Iran.

The ambassador went on saying that academic and industrial communities In Qazvin enjoy a laudable status when it comes to technological development, paving the way for strengthening the mutual relationships as well as joint venture.

Philip Yeu the founder and the architect of ICT in Singaporean High-Tech cities also visited the QIAU technological achievements especially in artificial intelligence and software which he found impressive.

A member of the delegation who is on the council for Economic Development Initiative in Singapore (EDIS) had discussions with QIAU's researchers, focusing on the development of human resources, entrepreneurial projects, and initiating development models as solutions to the existing problems. 

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