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QIAU's MRL was the best Iranian team in the competitions.

The world robotic competitions came to an end in Leipzig –Germany, with Iranian teams earning 13 titles in different leagues.

Dr. Morteza Mousakhani, the chairman of Iranian National RoboCup  Committee said: This high-profile robotic event was held in Leipzig for 3 days and the Iranian teams  had an active participation in the event. Overall, the teams from our country could achieve 13 titles, with QIAU reaping 6 titles.

According to Dr. Mousakhani, Kavosh team from Naghshe Ghalam could earn the second place as well as  the award for the  best hardware design in Rescue A at junior league.

Mousakhani went on saying that a team from Allame Tabatabai high school achieved the award for technical presentation in co-space league.

The chairman of Iranian National RoboCup  said :MRL from QIAU stood the first place in small size league and earned the award for  the infrastructure competition and the best performance in technical challenge category.

The MRL researchers from QIAU also could snatch the second place in rescue league and the best performance in technical challenge category.

MRL  reaped   the championship title in rescue agent simulation league  followed by a team from  Farzanegarn  high school  in the second place.

Baset team stood the first place in Humanoid league followed by  a German team and an Iranian  team from  Ilkhchi Azad University in second and third places, respectively. Amirkabir University of Technology achieved the first place in humanoid –teen size.

Dr. Mousakhani extended his heartfelt congratulations to all Iranian on these striking achievements.

MRL from Qazvin Islamic Azad University  was sponsored by the following: Bank Shahr, Bank Melli Iran, Bank Mellat, RighTel Co., Sanden Co., Saipa Co., Qazvin's City Halls, Apadana Saram Co. 

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