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The Mass Production of Quadro Vehicle, a Solution for Cutting Environmental Pollution

The new electric car named Quadro is an updated design of the electric cars, designed and manufactured by researchers at QIAU.

Touching on the benefits of Quadro, Meysam Adibi said: given the fact  that many Iranian  cities are grappling with pollution problems, it is necessary for the country to invest in the production of electric car. This requires the support from government and private sector.

Adibi went on saying that the majority of the developed countries have launched the mass production of green vehicles since the fuel used by these vehicles is clean energy, resulting in  no pollution. Consequently, the electric car serves as the best alternative for the cars which  use fossil fuel.

For the first time, QIAU has designed five prototypes of electric car, which are charged on household power. The car goes 100 Km on a single charge. It  can also deal with deep slopes well .

According to Mr Adibi, should the government aim to cut pollution in the cities, it needs to  support the mass production of this type of car. QIAU as a pioneer in designing green vehicle  in Iran needs to be supported by both government and private sector.

Insertion Date: 2016/12/21
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