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3D Printer Was Designed by Researchers at  QIAU' Center of Technology Incubator

The 3D printer designed and made by researchers at  QIAU's  Center of Technology Incubator was displayed  in the 17th Research and Innovative Products Exhibition.

This product can  form the molten plastic and shape it into the target shape. This printer can be of great use in industrial prototyping.

Given its application in optimized  prototyping, this 3D printer is sold at a lower  price so as to make it available for all industrial users.

According to Eng. Nazemi, a member of design group , this printer was designed and made by   the researchers  at  QIAU's Center of Technology Incubator and it  is sold on the market at low price. Mr Nazemi went on saying that the mass production of this product requires   fundraising, hoping  to enter cooperation with  investors in this respect.

Insertion Date: 2016/12/21
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