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The Iranian robotics teams received a warm welcome from Dr. Valayati, the head of founding board of IAU,Dr.Mousakhani, the Deputy of Research, Dr. Hemmati, General Governor of Qazvin and a delegation of authorities at the IK airport.  

Expressing his appreciation for this ceremony, Dr. Mousakhani said: this is the first time in 25 years that high-ranking officials including  Dr. Valayati, the advisor to the Supreme leader have organized such a welcoming ceremony.    

Dr Mousakhani went on saying that on his first day as the president of IAU, Dr. Valayati put particular emphasis on the academic elites as well as the support we need to provide to them.

The chairman of Iranian National RoboCup Committee said: the electric vehicle designed by students at IAU will be licensed    and    mass produced in the near future. This is in keeping with Dr. Valayati's emphasis on applied  research.

Dr. Mousakhani touched on the titles obtained by robotic teams in Japan RoboCup 2017, noting that IAU students snatched 5 titles. QIAU, Ilkhchi branch and Yazd branch  gained 3,1, and 1 titles, respectively.

The president of QIAU added: in total Iranian teams reaped  9 titles in junior leagues and 10 titles in senior leagues among more than 50 countries, standing in the second place in terms of the number of titles.

Referring to the Iranian delegation' visit to Toyota Company and Japan ROV Research center, Dr. Mousakhani pointed to the meetings held between the Iranian delegation and the Japanese authorities. He also referred to the cooperation between two Iranian researchers at Japan and IAU in the field of automatic car.


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