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We need to make investment for purposes of  averting  the immigration of elites.


The Iranian robotic teams were warmly welcomed by Dr. Bathaei, the minister of Education, Dr. Mokhber Dezfouli, the secretary of higher council of Cultural Revolution, Dr. Zahedi, the general Governor of Qazvin Province, Dr. Mousakhani the Charmin of Iranian Robocup Committee, the authorities of IAU and Students' families.

The Iranian Robotics Researchers who  earned 16 titles in Canada RoboCup Competitions were warmly received  in the airport.

Dr. Bathaei, the minister of Education referred to the development and the expansion of talents, especially the creativity as one of the main goals of educational systems. He said: the development of creativity and youth talents is the focus of our policies in the ministry of education.

Dr. Bathaei went on, saying: we have earned 680 medals in various scientific Olympiads, making Iran one of  the top countries in this respect.

The minister of Education added that we need to increase the number of student research centers in our country though currently there are 500 students research centers, which hopefully will contribute to the promotion of research in the country.

Dr. Mousakhani, the chairman of Iranian RoboCup Committee lauded the supreme leader for his support for Iranian researchers and elites. He went on saying that talented Iranian teams participated in robocup event along with 400 teams from other countries, snatching 16 titles.

Dr Mousakhani said that the neighboring countries whose population is one fifths of Iran has appointed the minister of Artificial Intelligence and have set as their goal the training of one million programmers.

The president of QIAU said that the Iranian students who are graduates of Iranian universities are employed in notable universities. We should create a ministry that follows the

same mission.





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