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Lecture on the Modeling of Heart Valves at QIAU

ِ Lecture on the Modeling of Heart Valves at QIAU

The modeling of heart valves was discussed  in a workshop attended by  Dr. Naser Fatourei, the president of Iranian Society for Biomedical Engineering.

Dr Fatouraei gave a lecture on the modern technologies in medical engineering including the modeling of heart valves in this forum , which was organized by the faculty of Electrical, Biomedical and Mechatronic Eng.  and attended by the students.

According to Dr. Fatouraei , though there have been many new developments and breakthroughs in new technology and sciences, cardiac diseases  are  still one of the main contributors to death, with blood supply system and artery problems considered as the main health dysfunctions.

He went on saying that the disorders related to heart valves are a serious problem, resulting in a decrease in the function of these valves.

Noting  that using artificial heart valves as a replacement for natural  heart valves dates back to four decades ago, the president of  Iranian Society for Biomedical Engineering elaborated on the way in which heart valves are modeled.

Insertion Date: 2019/06/23
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