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Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 DISCRETE TIME LINEAR QUADRATIC TRACKING CONTROLLER FOR OMNI-DIRECTIONAL MOBILE ROBOTSASME/IEEE International Conference on Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and ApplicationsInternationalMaani Ghaffari JadidiUSA8/31/2011
2 Team Description Paper; MRL-Standard Platform League team participating in RoboCup 2011 SPL competitionsRoboCup 2010 Symposium and CompetitionsInternationalMaani Ghaffari, Omid Amir Ghiasvand, Hamed Rassam fard, majid Lashgarian, Mohammad Shafiei RNIstanbul7/9/2011 1
3 In-Plane Path Planning for Biped Robots Based on Bezier Curve Advanced Intelligent MechatronicsInternationalMaani Ghaffari Jadidi, Mohammad Reza Shah Mohammadi, Mahdi KarimiHungary7/5/2011 1
4 Real Time Redundancy Study of a Model With increasing failure ratesInternational Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing TechnologiesInternationalMani Sharifi and Peyman FarahpourSingapore26/02/2011
5 FEM Modeling of Beams Cyclic Loading Based on Ziegler-Prager and Armstrong-Frederick Kinematic Hardening ModelsInternational Conference on Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing TechnologiesInternationalProf. Behrooz Farshi and Dr. Mani SharifiSingapore26/02/2011
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