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Conference Papers
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Opponent Provocation and Behavior Classification: A Machine Learning ApproachSpringer 2008InternationalVahid Mokhtari, and Mohammad Reza KangavariUSA19/06/2007
2 Mining opponent behavior: A champion of Robocup coach competitionLatin american robotics symposium 2006InternationalVahid Mokhtari, Morteza Mousakhani and Fariborz Mahmoudichile13/09/2006
3 Coaching with Expert System Towards RoboCup Soccer Coach SimulationSpringer - LNAIInternationalVahid Mokhtari, Morteza Mousakhani- Alireza Mohammad ShahriJapan19/06/2006
4 Using Expert System in RoboCup Soccer Coach Simulation: An Opponent Modeling ApproachVII SBI II LARS IEEEInternationalVahid Mokhtari- Abolfazl T. Haghighat- Morteza MousakhaniBrazil14/09/2005
5 On- line learning with Rule base Expert system: Implemented in robocup soccer coach simulationLanguage and Technology Conference(L&T05)InternationalVahid Mokhtari- Mohammad Reza Shoaei- Morteza Mousakhani- Alireza Mohammad Shahri- Reza FathzadehPoland13/04/2005
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