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Qazvin Islamic Azad University(QIAU) follows an industry-oriented mission of which education, research ,and training are the main components. QIAU was established with the aim of producing and developing knowledge in society as well as educating the experts and specialists dedicated to Islamic, ethical virtues.
QIAU offers four academic degree programs : associate degree, B.A/B.Sc, MSc, and PhD ,all of which offer the skills, knowledge and the techniques students need.
Considering the vast economical, cultural, technological, and social developments, QIAU is committed to meeting the emerging educational and research needs through designing and developing educational courses and multiple services, drawing on modern technology and state of the art education systems as well as through collaboration with international universities.
Striving to educate the professional experts as well as taking advantage of country’s prominent professors, QIAU has made enormous progress. This has opened many opportunities for alumni recruitment in scientific institutions and industrial companies, serving as senior managers and experts.
Obviously, encouraging students to undertake higher levels of education to meet academic, executive, and educational needs counts as an indicator of improved educational process. To this end, many students of QIAU have been admitted at graduate programs and accredited international universities, such as Canada, England, Sweden, and U.S.A.
QIAU which offers various industrial courses aims to achieve a supreme status in knowledge production, to offer innovative research proposals, and to pave the way for making constructive changes. To this end, the university has given priority to creating research centers .The main research centers include advanced Mechatronic Research Lab ,advanced Construction & Concrete Lab, and Middle East Management Institute , all of them are used by professors and students to carry out research and to build innovative knowledge .
QIAU is planning to establish a technology park with the aim of promoting innovation and competitiveness. This park, to be opened in the near future, will host the entrepreneurs and talented students of the country.
As its next mission, QIAU is striving to become an international university .It is now collaborating with some accredited universities in the areas of research and education.

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