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The faculty offered BSc in Computer Engineering (Software, Hardware), Electrical Engineering (Electronics, Control), and Information Technology, and Associate Diploma in discontinuous computing during the years 1993, 96, 97, 98 to 2003. Other fields of study in discontinuous BSc in Electrical Engineering (Electronics) were added to the faculty programme during 1999 to 2003. The education office of graduate studies commenced its activities in the faculty in 2003, with four fields of study in faculty of Electrical, Computer, and IT Engineering Moreover, the number of alumni in Computer Engineering (software) is 5 and number of received thesis is 60.
Due to increasing number of students and the increasing demand for education space, this faculty has been transferred from its former place, the faculty of Associate Diploma in Navab, to its new building in Shahid Abbaspur Campus.
The Faculty present status:
The present faculty space is 9682 square meters, including 37 classes, 6 classes equipped with audio-visual equipments, and 15 classes equipped with laboratory & workshop equipments for computer & electronic laboratories & workshops. Currently, 3882 students are enrolled in the faculty.
Professor’s Numbers:
There are 33 academic staff in the faculty, as well as 42 guest lecturers. The above numbers are related to technical courses. Moreover, there are 8 academic staff and 6 guest lecturers in the departments of mechatronics, Computer Engineering (software, artificial intelligence), and IT engineering.

Majors Heads of Departments Coordinators
Computer Engineering (Software, Hardware), IT 3 1
Electrical Engineering (Electronics, Control) 2 1
Discontinuous Computing & Basic Sciences 2 1
MSc in Mechatronic, Computer Engineering (Software, Artificial Intelligence), and IT 3 1

Students Numbers:

Majors Date Number
Computer (software-practical) 2003 106
Mechatronics 2003 82
Information Technology Engineering 2005 20
The Administrative Rooms located in The Faculty:

4th Floor MRl, Publication, Heads of Departments of Electrical Engineering (electrical, control)
3rd Floor Research Vice-presidency, link to Industry Office, Dean Office and Education Vice-Presidency Office, Graduate Studies Office, Heads of Departments of Computer, and IT Engineering, Professor’s Room, and Academic Staff Room
2nd Floor Administrative Manager Office, Services & Laboratories Manager Office, Basij Office, Scientific Association Office, Heads of Departments of Basic Sciences
1st Floor Class Affairs Agent, Consultation & Student Affairs Office, Quran Office, Computer and Electrical Engineering Education Offices, Mellat Bank Branch

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