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President's Welcome
About QIAU
Academic Staff

University Vision
  • striving to become a leading university in national and regional higher education
  • Contributing effectively to society through educating and training new generations of innovative experts and mangers
University Mission

Qazvin Islamic Azad University(QIAU) follows an industry-oriented mission ,of which education, research ,and training are the main components. QIAU was established with the aim of producing and developing knowledge in society as well as educating the experts and specialists dedicated to Islamic, ethical virtues.
QIAU offers four academic degree programs : associate degree, B.A/B.Sc, MSc, and PhD,all of which offer the skills, knowledge and the techniques students need.
Considering the vast economical, cultural, technological, and social developments, QIAU is committed to meeting the emerging educational and research needs through designing and developing educational courses and multiple services, drawing on modern technology and state -of -the -art education systems as well as through collaboration with international universities.
As its national and social responsibility, QIAU is committed to offering educational, research, and general services of highest quality standard, believing this goal can be accomplished only by taking advantage of talented and well-educated academic members as well as through improving the capabilities and skills of managers and staff members.

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