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           Qazvin Islamic Azad University

           Recounted by Dr Mousakhani President ‌:

Qazvin is an ancient city with a history of 9000 (nine Thousand) years. Qazvin has offered very bright chapters to the history of peaceful civilized life. And today, by the help of God and under the supports of the Islamic Revolution Qazvin is offering another great opportunity for knowledge production. QIAU!! QIAU started its activity in 1992 just with two majors, and at the present time, QIAU is regarded as one of the reputable "knowledge generation" centers of the West Asia. Its reputation is mostly due to applying high-tech sciences in fields such as Architecture, Robotic Sciences, Computer, and Civil Engineering. Many of our international achievements are based on our Vision. The mission of QIAU is the full development of Human Resources and knowledge promotion to achieve a better and peaceful life. With the vision of QIAU to become one of the top universities by 2020, enjoying a high position among the international universities in that year is a direct outcome of our Vision.

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