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In the name of the Almighty God

Qazvin, a small province belonging to the Old Persian land, enjoys a 9000-year history with unrivalled heritage. There are 40 mosques, 5 Hussaniyehs, and 13 religious schools in the city of Qazvin most of which bear the great historical architecture. Thanks to its geographical situation, Qazvin province is being developed in terms of 3 dimensions: industrial, agricultural, and academic.
The Islamic azad university of Qazvin was created with the aim of promoting the economic development as well as providing the software and hardwares required in this regard, which had already been defined in the context of the area industrialization and scientific furthering of production cycles. From the beginning, the broad, strategic plan of Qazvin Azad University focused on the fundamental and principled philosophy of achieving the national and international standards in research and education. To this end, the university strives to catch up with the cutting-edge research and educational norms of credible universities, taking into account the status quo. Striving to further and promote the university, we believe that the able, talented students can put their potentials into effect, provided they have access to suitable facilities.
Today, the world is on the track of digital industry, and the future envisioned for all world scientific activities shows that this trend will continue. Following the medals achieved by Qazvin Azad university in international competitions of China, Japan, Germany, and Austria, the international RoboCup federation accredited the university to hold the first Open RoboCup competitions in Iran. This is a valuable step in the process of institutionalizing the scientific productivity and strengthening the software movement. The other goal university is pursuing is to develop the post –graduate education as well as to develop the interactions with the credible universities and admit the foreign students. This will help the university to achieve the research and education standards, thereby the scientific advances will be guaranteed. We believe that having a realistically developed vision for the university as well as drawing on our abilities and scholarship will result in our performance of high quality. We know that it is only following the philosophy of creation and living a useful life that guarantee the eternity of human through the history. Drawing on this perspective, we make the bumpy roads past us to reach the paved ways of scientific development and pray to god for helping us.

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