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Conference Papers Journal Papers
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Neutrino mass matrix on the base of A4 symmetry and CP violationInternational conference on applied research in engineering science and technologyInternationalneda razzaghi 17/10/2018
2 Nonlinear Optical Response of Titania Nanoparticles Prepared byInternational Conference on Optics in Precision Engineering and NanotechnologyInternationalM. H. Majles Ara, M. J. Torkamany and J. SabbaghzadehSingapore 2011/03/23
3 CW Z-scan Measurements in Au Nanoparticles Prepared by Laser Ablation 17th Iranian Conference on Optics and Photonics-ICOP2011InternationalM. H. Majles Ara, M. J. Torkamany, J. SabbaghzadehKerman2011/02/08
4 Laser Induced Anisotropy in Ag Nanoparticles doped Glasses13th annual conference on optics and photonicsInternationalArashmid NahalTehran2007/02/06
5 anomalous behavior of Gaussian beam near the focal point10th annual conference on optics and photonicsLocalEbrahim Karimi- Hamid reza Khalesi fardKerman, Iran1/27/2004
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