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   Academic Background : - Ph.D. student of Architecture - Qazvin Islamic Azad University - - IRAN - سال
- M.A. in Architecture - Qazvin Islamic Azad University - - IRAN - سال 2010
- B.A. in Architecture - Qazvin Islamic Azad University - - IRAN - سال 2007
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Conference Papers Journal Papers Book
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Investigating the more effective physical components in public spaces for the dynamics of social interactions in the design of cultural buildingsIrans architecture and urban planning through the works and thoughtNationalMahdieh MohammadiIslamic Azad university of Qazvin18/10/2018
2 "The effect of the balcony shape on the amount of solar energy received on the south side of buildings"national conference on architecture and urban planning sustainability and resiliency from utopia to realityNational Islamic Axad University of Qazvin20/05/2017
3 Recovery of Factors Affecting the Formation of National Architecture in the Qajar PeriodFrom concepts to phenomena in architecture and urbanizationLocal Islamic Azad university of Qazvin24/09/2016
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