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Conference Papers Journal Papers
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 multimode midinfrared detector based on quantum doticee2010NationalNarjes DavariIsfahan5/11/2010
2 investigation and simulation of GaSb/AlSb HFET and comparing it with two channel case based on its velocity and icee2010NationalMohey aldin SerailoIsfahan5/11/2010
3 simulation of behavior of auantum dot charge detected by point contacticee2010NationalKaveh Shervinisfahan5/11/2010
4 A New SPICE Macro-Model for Simulation of Single Electron CircuitsInternational Conference on MicroelectronicsInternationalKarimian M., Dousti M., Pouyan MJapan9/15/2009
5 An Improved Macro-Model for Simulation of Single Electron Transistor (SET) Using HSPICE IEEE Toronto International Conference (TIC-STH 2009InternationalKarimian M., Dousti M., Pouyan Mjapan9/15/2009
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