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Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Facebook-ing and Language Learning: Iranian Net Generation’s Perceptionthe International Conference on Challenges in ELT and English Literature: Facing the Current IssuesInternationalMahla MavaliIran20/05/2015
2 The Impact of Using Direct Instruction Technique and Images as a Kind of Graphic Organizer on Intermediate Iranian EFL Learners’ Listening ComprehensionThe first national conference on challenges in foreign language teaching in IranNationalAzade Azadi SepasIran29/04/2015
3 . Iranian EFL Students’ Attitudes towards the Methods of Learning Vocabularyfirst national conference on challenges in foreign language teaching in Iran NationalEsmat AghahosseiniIran29/04/2015
4 The Effect of Task Based Vocabulary Teaching on Iranian High school Students’ Vocabulary LearningFirst National Conference on Challenges in Foreign Language Teaching in IranNationalMasoumeh BahramiIran29/04/2015
5 mother tongue in EFL classroomICELTInternational Malaysia2012
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