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Conference Papers Journal Papers
Row Paper TitleConference TitleNational/InternationalColloguesVenueDate
1 Crowd Scenes Analysis Using Multiple Sliding Windows Classifiers and Histogram of Oriented Gradient10th Iranian Conference on Machine Vision and Image ProcessingNational Isfahan, Iran21/11/2017
2   National  20/01/2017
3 Varying Pose Face Recognition Using Combination of Discrete Cosine & Wavelet TransformsInternational Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems (ICIAS2012)InternationalSAR Abu BakarMalaysia12/06/2012
4 Multi-Color ULBP with Wavelet Transform in Invariant Pose Face RecognitionIEEE International Conference on Signal and Image Processing Applications (ICSIPA) InternationalSAR Abu BakarMalaysia16/11/2011
5 Frequency domain feature-based face recognition technique for different poses and low-resolution conditionsIEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and TechniquesInternationalSAR Abu BakarMalaysia17/05/2011
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